Perpetual Pascha

I realize Pascha is a month (!) away.  Yet this is a thought I had last year and I like to recycle.

Christ is Risen! This is our joyful proclamation, but the celebratory exclaim soon starts losing it’s vigor and meaning for us. In fact, the Sunday after Pascha is Thomas Sunday. We doubt the resurrection, as Thomas did, and so the Church reads this gospel to reinforce our faith. After all, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Pascha however, is meant to be lived or rather experienced every day, not just once a year. We shouldn’t allow the Paschal light to be blown out in our lives and then  wait till next year to  think about this unwaning light. The Risen Lord has made this Communion with Him possible. How? Well, we need to ask ourselves what did the Resurrection of Christ do and how do we share in it?

The Purpose of the Resurrection

Humanity, because of Adam’s sin, was placed under the sway of the evil one. As St. John  says,  “the whole world  lies in the wicked one.” Christ’s resurrection delivers us however from this power and gives us His personal Presence.
Just as Moses led the people  through the Red Sea and swallowed up  Pharoah,  so  Christ as the true Moses, leader,  passes us through  the floods of God’s judgment  and  swallows up  the adverse powers, the devil,  as He did Pharoah.
He proceeds to  bring us into the Promised Land.

We can experience this delivering power every moment in our lives when we surrender to Him.   Pharoah, the devil,  is swallowed up in victory, as death  was,  when  we like the Israelites follow  the Head of God’s people and walk  with Him.
When we obey the liturgy, “let us commit ourselves and one other and our whole lives to Christ our God,” then we enter into communion with Christ and experience His power to deliver us from sin and our passions.

Pascha should be perpetual- He has trampled down death by death. Do we submit our selves to the King of Kings and allow Him to trample down death in our own hearts and desires? Truly the Lord is Risen! Truly He is the Lord. Let’s not let the light of the Resurrection wane in our lives.


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